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Manufacturer Panasonic
Model Number PTAE3000E
Product Panasonic PTAE3000E LCD Projector
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Detailed specifications
A High-Precision, Top-Quality Lens Maximizes Full-HD Performance To assure maximum clarity and sharpness in full-HD images, this advanced system employs a full-HD-optimized lens unit comprising 16 lens elements in 12 groups, including two large-diameter aspherical lenses and two high-performance ED (extra-low dispersion) lenses. Each lens is carefully aligned to assure a uniform focusing balance from the center to the edges of the screen. As a result, the PTAE3000's stunningly beautiful images are clear and free of distortion and color bleeding. High, 60,000:1 Contrast Ratio with New Pure Contrast Plates The Pure Contrast Plates of the PT-AE3000 use a crystalline material that is carefully matched to the haracteristics of the LCD panels to effectively block unwanted light leakage, forming an advanced type of optical compensator. This dramatically increases the dynamic range and, together with the dynamic iris, provides an outstanding contrast ratio of 60,000:1. The new optical system of the PT-AE3000 also produces a stunning brightness of 1,600 lumens to unleash the beauty of full-HD expression for viewing on various screen sizes. Smooth Screen Technology While many LCD projectors suffer from a "chicken wire" effect, Panasonic's pursuit of the highest possible image quality has successfully overcome this device limitation through the ncorporation of Smooth Screen technology, which uses the double refraction property of crystals to arrange pixels on a screen with no gaps between them. Smooth Screen technology is designed specifically to match the characteristics of the PT-AE3000's optical system, giving you the kind of smooth, vivid, and three-dimensional-like images you see in a movie theater.

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Rating 0 - Bad product. Do not buy this product, its flawed!
1 - Below average product. Think twice before purchasing.
2 - Average product. Will do the job.
3 - Good product. Good buy.
4 - Great product. Recommened, should buy.
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